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The Group was established in July 2017 by the former owners of NTOS, and consist of Mega Solutions as Parent company, and the two operating companies BlueSolutions and Hydrafit.

BlueSolutions was established 2016, and offers Service, Rental, Enginering and Manufacturing of various electro hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. BlueSolutions was implemented in the Group by end of 2017, when we reacquired the NTOS department that held Parker Distributor status.

Hydrafit was established June 2017 to aquire the ParkerStore. As of November 3rd, Hydrafit operated as an independent company with exceptionally good experience and knowledge in the company’s core business. Hydrafit continues the well-established Parker Store concept providing parts and services to the key markets in our region.

Our product and service range is extensive, we assist from scetch to finished product

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